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EasyChop Ayam Pedas Cili-Cili

Chicken chop marinated with 3 beradik chilies, red chilies, dry chilies, and bird eye chilies (pedas gila)

EasyChop Ayam Black Pepper

Juicy chicken chop marinated with coarse ground combination of black and white peppercorn and braised with chop onion

EasyChop Ayam Serai Serai

Pound chicken chop marinated with spicy spice infuse with lemongrass with touch of Thai flavours

EasyChop Ayam BBQ Grill

All time favourite bbq marinated chicken chop fusion with asian flavour

EasyChop Ayam Lemon Herb

Peha ayam infuse with lemon citrus jus, garlic and rempah istimewah came along with herbs butter

RM1 Chicken Chop (Black Pepper) x2

4 reviews for Package B – 10pcs

  1. jeffrey yik

    Harga murah, lagi free dim sum sedap at this MCO moment, thank you very much.

  2. harun bin tahir

    welldone good and fast

  3. harun bin tahir harun



    Very delicious

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